As a Consultant ..

Getting leads over the Internet is critical to majority of businesses out there today. You cannot ignore the Internet, especially the social media today and video marketing is by far the most effective way to engage your target audience and get your message out to them. It is not rocket science, but you would want to work within your budget and not waste your time taking unnecessary steps.

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As a Trainer ..

I have trained businesses and individuals on doing business over the Internet. There are many factors to consider when you run a business over the Internet. Whether you are a brick and mortar business planning to add online business as another of your platform, or you are planning to start something over the Internet, there are more than just meets the eyes. I have been doing business online since 1996. Instead of wasting precious time and resources.

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As a Video Creator and Marketer ..

Video Creation is perhaps the most important part of the video marketing process. It can make or break your marketing campaigns.

Let me help you with any of the process, or even the entire process, planning for the video, creating the video script, gettting the video done up, setting up the video marketing campaign and carrying out the marketing campaigns.

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As a Coach

I am a Business Coach and also a Career Coach. I can help you on your path to self discovery, uncover the hidden beliefs and help you set your SMART goals and ensure you stick to them.

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PS: There is a bad miscomprehension of what coaching is by many people. Please visit this WIKI on What is Coaching for a full understanding.