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Business owners and managers know digital marketing is important. But we are often confused with the many options available and are lost with the next step to take. I am here to simplify the complexities of marketing your business over the Internet.

Leads Generation & Conversion Strategist - Eddie Teo

Simplifying Marketing Complexities.

Not sure where to start? This is where I come in. I am a certified coach, accredited trainer and consultant. I can help you strategize and deploy the right strategy so you can get it right without wasting your precious time and funds.

Digital Marketing Services by Eddie Teo

Who is Eddie Teo?

I have been doing business on the Internet since 1996 and I have successfully built and sold several web properties since then.

One such successful venture I had was when I started and built a hotel reservation booking portal, growing the portal from zero to eight digits turnover within 5 years, with zero advertising spend.

I am a certified coach, accredited trainer and consultant and have been helping business owners and managers grow their businesses online since 2008 after I sold my web businesses. I have trained over a thousand professionals of all levels in Internet Marketing (or what they call Digital Marketing) and helped many businesses strategize, plan, and execute their marketing campaigns online and offline.

I am the creator of the 6 Steps Digital Marketing Framework, which is currently adopted by many business owners who need a simple, easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide for their digital marketing efforts.

My team also operates several SaaS services that help businesses complement their digital marketing efforts online.

I am currently helping businesses with the following (but not limited to):


  • ChatBot Development– Lead Capture or Knowledge-based like ChatGPT
  • Google Business Profile – Optimization & Maintenance
  • Reputation – Building, Marketing, Management.
  • Leads Generation – By Google Paid Ads

As a Business Coach

Find out how to get to what you want and need

Business owners and managers knows what they need and want to achieve, understands digital marketing or internet marketing is something they need to pursue, but are often confused how their business can leverage on the thousands of options out there to reach their preferred audience. As a business coach, I can help establish clarity for you and your business.

I help establish

  • specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time sensitive goals and strategies
  • correct target audience
  • target audience types
  • type of content to create
  • channels of distribution
  • statistics to emphasize on

Business Discovery Discussion - Eddie Teo
Strategize Execute Analyze Review Repeat - Eddie Teo

As a Business Consultant

Evaluate, Design, Strategize, Execute, Review, Repeat

With the clear directions set during the coaching session, we will set out to map out and execute the tasks required to achieve our target. We will work on the who, how, when, where and what, leveraging on the various Internet Marketing or Digital Marketing platforms and options available, within the budget set.

We will set out the strategies and timeline required and carry out the tasks, while monitoring the statistics to determine whether our directions are spot on. We will re-visit our strategies to find out if we need to tweak or modify our strategies.

We will 

  • set the strategies – short, mid, and long term, to align with the goals or objectives
  • carry out necessary tasks to work towards the objectives
  • review the results based on the statistics
  • refine and re-carry out tasks
  • repeat the cycle

As a Trainer

Getting Your House in Order

Getting your own house in order is of the utmost importance to any business. I customize and conduct training for businesses for their teams to understand the individual roles they play for their business to succeed.

Bringing traffic to your website or your business is the easiest part of digital marketing. But it is useless if your team are unable to convert them to sales. The internet has made the playing field quite level, anyone can come in and take away your customers and clients, or have potential clients choose them instead of you.

There are many aspects of the business to consider, to make you stand out amongst the crowd, you need to be doing things customers want you to do, I can show and allow you to understand the Knowledge, Understanding and gain Proficiency (KUP of Digital Marketing) on the how’s.


I will help

  • plan and set sales & marketing processes
  • train your team
  • provide support post-training

Digital Marketing Training - Eddie Teo

Other Services We Provide


I provide consultation services if you have your own team and want to do it by yourself. I can help map out the step-by-step strategies for you to have a successful campaign.

Web Development

We develop fully SEO’ ed websites. Getting it right, especially the first time, is important. Your site will rank, and you would not want to be sandboxed by Google by doing the wrong things.


SEO & Optimization

Having your website optimized for Google is imperative for your success online. We can help you research the relevant key phrases that converts and rank for them.

How To Start

Simplifying Complexities is what I advocate. If you feel we may have synergies, simply click on the ChatBot and follow the prompts and we will be in contact with you.

1. Use the ChatBox

Complete the questions so that I can understand you better, provide us with as much details as possible, I will do some research and get back to you ASAP. You can opt to receive a response via email, SMS/WhatsApp or phone call. Or you can set up a Zoom Discovery session with me.

2. Get a quote

I will provide you with a quote based on your budget, or recommend you to take the necessary steps even if we are unable to work together.

3. Relax

Just sit back and watch me and my team get into action when we start to work together towards your goals.

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