8 Social Media Myths and Misconceptions to Forget in 2021

8 Social Media Myths and Misconceptions to Forget in 2021

Social Media Myths and Misconceptions

One could argue that social media marketing is the only way for local businesses to stay afloat.

The amount of content people consume online has skyrocketed over recent years, and now reaches more than six billion monthly active users worldwide. What’s most alarming about this figure are projections: by 2020, it will reach 8.6 billion! These staggering numbers have led many marketers around the world to believe traditional advertising methods (i.e., television commercials) won’t be able to compete with digital ads in terms of cost-effectiveness or audience engagement any longer; ultimately rendering them obsolete when it comes down to tapping into a broad consumer demographic’s attention span on what they’re looking at while surfing through their various feeds throughout each day.”

Everyday someone will be telling you or you will be reading about the social media. While a lot of the information may be true, several of them are just myth or misconceptions. I will try to share what they are today. Ready to bust some of them?

Here I’ll list 8 common misconceptions and help you avoid them if they’re tripping up your marketing strategy.

#1: You Need a Presence on Every Social Media Site

Social media is one of the most important aspects for a business, but it’s also an exhausting task. It takes so much time and effort to keep up with everyone that there are days where you don’t even want to log into your favorite social site because all of those notifications from others on the various social media platforms!

Now, more than ever before it is important to be always in the right place. An effective way of doing this is by creating an active and meaningful presence on sites that offer you a greater opportunity to connect with your target audience and engage customers.

The digital age is in full swing. Along with a large population of people on the internet, there are many companies that need to be present online for their customers or potential clients. The three most popular social media platforms each have different purposes and should not just be used without thinking about what they can offer your company’s needs.

The world has shifted from physical interactions like phone calls, text messages, emails etc., to more virtual ones through various forms of technology such as Facebook profiles which allow you to see posts by those around you along with pictures and comments made by friends; LinkedIn pages where professionals post information about themselves including work experience , education levels attained among other things; Instagram’s main focus is sharing photos while Pinterest allows users upload contents via photos.

You might think that you should never try something new, but it’s okay to give a platform a shot. If the site isn’t giving you the results you want, cut your losses and switch over to platforms that deliver more quickly and better results!

#2: Fans and Followers are Worthless if They Dont Become Paying Customers 

Social media can be a fantastic way to attract new customers, but you should also have an eye on the followers who are not paying for your products. They’re still worth having because they show interest in your company and might come back after being attracted by social media posts from other people’s activity.

Your fans and followers don’t need to buy from you for them be of some use. Having a large following can raise your profile, which will help attract new customers who are looking specifically for what it is that you offer. If any one of those people has enough clout or influence on their own, then they might just bring the same amount over to you as well by association alone!

Your non-paying followers are worth more than you think. They can refer their friends and other like-minded individuals to your business, which means that they can be generating potential customers for you without needing anything in return since all the work is being done by them! This allows you to save money on advertising while still having a positive impact of new people coming into your store or restaurant with each referral made from an unpaid follower.

Your “free marketing team” should not be ignored; these supporters will help spread word about what it is that interests them when they talk amongst themselves instead of just talking about how much better everything else seems compared to yours!

Lastly, a fan or follower who doesn’t buy from you today might convert to a transactional customer tomorrow!

#3: Its Useful to Have Your Friends and Family Like” Your Posts

“The key to good social media content is not just making it interesting enough for your friends and family, but also reaching out beyond them”.

To have a successful business on Facebook or Instagram, you need more than the support of people who know you well. You need followers from all over that will engage with your posts in different ways- liking photos, commenting on what they think about something new going live online etc.

So, should you tell your family and friends to stop liking our posts? Absolutely not! What it means is that we should always be asking them to engage with our content – and giving them a reason. Ask questions, encourage sharing, or most importantly – share useful or entertaining content so they’ll want to interact with us.

You never know, sometimes family and friends can be great referrals for you should they have contacts that need what you offer!

 #4: You Shouldnt Schedule Posts on the Weekend

It’s frequent practice for businesses to not share new social media content on the weekend, but you shouldn’t assume that this is because of a lack of interest. While some followers might spend less time checking their feeds over the weekends than during weekdays, there are plenty more who do in fact check them!

The best way to reach these people and others like them is by releasing your newest posts at different intervals throughout each day instead. You should keep track of the insights and see how your weekend posts are performing and react accordingly instead.

What are your thoughts on the best time to post? With a little research, you can find out what days and times will get more interaction from viewers. Facebook Insights is just one of the tools that provides this information.

Social media users are always on the lookout for interesting things to share with their followers, and there’s no time of day when they’re not checking what’s new. You could be posting great content even while you’re sleeping!

I know it might seem like social platforms close during non-business hours or weekends but don’t let that fool you–there is never a moment where your audience isn’t looking out for something fresh from brands.

#5: You Must Respond to Social Media Comments Immediately

There’s no doubt that it’s important to respond when a social media follower asks you for help or leaves a comment. But responding in the same day doesn’t mean you have to drop everything and do so – except one exception, which is very much worth mentioning.

Customers today are absolutely impatient, and they want their answers immediately. If you have setup your customer support (e.g., chatbots to Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp chat) with social media, then you should be sure that you can respond as quickly as possible.

A fair timeframe to respond to your customer is 24hours or less if the questions do not require immediate answers.

#6: Social Media Posts Must Always Be About Business

Social media is a way for businesses to engage with customers and potential clients, but many business owners forget this. They create dry posts that don’t get any engagement. If you want more people engaging with your social media, inject personality into it! Even if your service is professional in nature, there are ways of using appropriate humor or compassion without compromising the brand’s image- just make sure whoever has access does so understands what type of persona they’re supposed to be projecting on behalf of the company

Create interesting “Do You Know” posts about your industry, services, or create funny jokes poking fun at yourself, mix it with “What happens behind the closed doors” posts. Vary them and see how what kind of responses you get.

#7: You Need Endless New Content to Post

You need to keep your social media sites updated, but sometimes you don’t have the time or energy to write updated content. That’s where repurposing and resharing old posts can help!

If you want to spice up your social media feed, then it’s time to start curating. Find articles in industry publications and posts from influencers that are relevant for followers; they will be pleased when they see what you post!

Curating content can be a rewarding method if you are looking for different perspectives while saving time of producing your own original content all the time!

#8: Social Media Marketing is Free

This final myth is one that many small business owners hear. While it might be free to set up a social media account for your company, you’re unlikely to get the results you want without spending some money on advertising or marketing campaigns.

Social media algorithms have grown increasingly sophisticated. The only way you can be sure that your followers will see your most important content is to boost it, and this makes social media marketing an essential tool for any business trying to compete in the digital age. Social Media Marketing has been shown repeatedly as a cost-effective method of getting more eyeballs on one’s advertising campaigns or other sponsored posts by leveraging the power of targeted promotional ads throughout popular channels such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc.

To date there are no negative effects associated with social media marketing; really anyone who wants their products promoted should consider using these services if they want quick results without having to spend too much money – something which every small entrepreneur loves!

Building an audience is a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Our recommendation? Leverage social media and email lists! Once you build the list of contacts, they will pay for themselves with targeted advertising campaigns that are more cost effective than traditional advertisement methods.

There are you! 8 myths and misconceptions about social media you should forget about. Contextualize them in your marketing plans and see your social media marketing results improve and that can only mean more business for you!

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