How to Choose the Right Facebook Ad Objectives

How to Choose the Right Facebook Ad Objectives

Choosing the Right Facebook Ad Objectives

Update: Please scroll to bottom of this post to see the latest update by Facebook on the Facebook Ad Objectives.

According to many research conducted, advertising on Facebook always rank as the most cost-effective way for businesses of all sizes and types. This digital marketing platform provides a wide range of benefits that you can see in your business’s bottom line as well as grow with time.

According to previous studies by Deloitte University Press, Facebook ads are proving more effective than both TV commercials and newspaper advertisements when it comes to conversion rates (the percentage or number of visitors who go through an intended action after seeing the ad) at .55% versus 0.4%.

But talking is always easier than doing eh?

Facebook ads can be a great way for local business owners to reach potential customers. However, the wrong objectives chosen could result in an investor feeling like they’ve wasted their money and miss out on opportunities for success.

Many locals don’t know what objective is best when using Facebook Ads as it has been shown that choosing the right one may lead to more successful campaigns with higher ROIs. While this sounds good but picking a bad campaign goal can leave you feeling regretful over your decision or waste time trying new strategies instead of going after successes from these choices

With so many options out there, it can be hard figuring out what type is best suited to get results with your advertisement campaign on Facebook. With this article I will walk you through all the types available as well as how each one works when using them correctly!

With that in mind, here’s my rundown of Facebook ad objectives to help you understand which objective makes the most sense for your business. You can choose from a variety of different types listed below.

What are the Available Ad Objectives on Facebook? 

When you create an ad for your business on Facebook, there are 11 objectives divided into three categories: Awareness, Consideration and Conversion. Let’s take a closer look at these options so that next time you need to advertise online it will be easy as pie!

  1. Brand Awareness.

    These ads generally do not get a high click-through rate because they are designed to make people aware of your brand. They can be best used as the first step in an campaign for new customers who want quality products but don’t know where to find them yet.

  2. Reach.

    When you want to reach as many people in your target audience, this is the objective for you. While it may not have a ton of engagement, making sure that your ad appears on their feed is key and worth every dollar!

  3. Traffic

    . Traffic ads are designed to direct more traffic to the URL you choose. Facebook tracks only the number of people who click on your links, meaning that you’ll need to track conversions separately and make sure they convert according to what is expected for a campaign goal (i.e., website form submission).

  4. Engagement.

    Facebook is a wonderful place to connect with people who share your interests. But how do you get more likes, comments, and shares? You have the option of choosing an ad objective that will give you all three: engagement!

  5. App Installs.

    Make the most of app marketing by choosing App Installs as your campaign objective! The best way to get more installs is through social media and ads on platforms like Facebook!

  6. Video Views.

    Want more people to watch your video? Use the Video Views objective. This is a great option for product demo and explainer videos, but it’s not just limited those two types of content. Video views are one way you can get more eyes on what you create with Facebook ads.

  7. Lead Generation.

    The Lead Generation objective is perfect for those who want to engage with the people in their audience and promote lead magnets. When they click on your ad, these targeted individuals can opt in at any time during their visit.

  8. Messages.

    Message ads are a great way to get your message out there and connect with people in more ways than one. They can be used for things like answering questions about your products or initiating conversations if they have been initiated by someone else, which is an awesome tactic because it helps you turn those leads into customers! Message ads give businesses the ability to reach their target audience on Facebook while keeping costs low. Whether you’re looking for new customers or want to answer some of the inquiries that come in from messages, these advertisements allow users access them easily without having to scroll through all other posts on their News Feeds first.

  9. Conversions.

    Choose this ad objective if you want to increase the likelihood of people taking a desired action on your Facebook page. It works best when targeted towards those who are already familiar with your brand because it gives them all the information they need without feeling like an interruption.

  10. Catalog Sales.

    A catalog for the ages! Homeshopping made easy with a customized Facebook experience. Imagine being able to offer your customers specific products they want directly on their social media device of choice, all without leaving the comfort and convenience of home. Catalog Sales allows you to connect your product catalogue in real-time from within Facebook, using it as an avenue through which people can browse items that are up for sale before making purchases right there at hand – no need to go anywhere else! Just imagine how much time this will save them when shopping is so convenient and effortless online.

  11. Store Visits.

    You can do all the shopping you want online, but nothing beats going to a brick-and-mortar store and feeling like you’re getting your hands on an item. If shoppers in your area are looking for deals with more than just price tags, they’ll need to step into one of these stores near them. (Be mindful of this objective as recent changes to mobile operating systems like iOS 14 might negatively impact your results)

When you are trying to put together a campaign for your business, it is important that you think about what the goal of this campaign will be. The ad objectives we talked about can help guide you in achieving one or more goals.

Which Facebook Ad Objectives is Right for Your Business?

Facebook advertising is becoming more and more popular for small businesses, but which Facebook ad objectives make the most sense? Some are not good choices if you have a smaller audience to target.

Facebook gives advertisers options on what type of ads they want to run their business with; some may be better than others depending on your specific situation- it’s important that any advertiser knows about these different functions before spending money or time creating an ad campaign so they can customize appropriately.

Brand Awareness is a good objective for any business that wants to make an impression on its customers. For businesses who are new, recency bias can be used as a great starting point in making sure that your audience gets familiar with you and recognizes the voice of your brand. Creating ads should always include representing what it means to represent the company’s values and ethics so viewers will know how their money is being put into use when they buy from them.

If you have a small audience, the Reach objective is perhaps not really for you. The objective for this is to reach as many people as possible, so you should stay clear of this since you do not have the kind of numbers to reach.

Traffic may be a good objective for smaller businesses who want to get more people on their website. Traffic can generate new leads or sales, but it’s important that you have an attractive landing page before spending any money. The goal of the traffic should always be clear, and we recommend giving visitors a reason to stay once they click your link – such as getting email addresses or text numbers so that you can give them offers with value in return.

Store Visits is a great way to get your ads in front of the customer when they are most likely looking for you. However, recent developments with privacy have made it more difficult to collect accurate data on store visits and complete their conversion without consent.

The key is to test and see how your ad costs are affected by the results of your campaign. The argument worth considering is that someone who registers as a customer, an actual store visit may be more valuable for business owners than say an ‘aware’ community member because they’re coming in.

If you decide to use the Store Visit objective, make sure your location is accurate and information up to date! It’s worth mentioning that if our target audience lives close by, we should only show them ads on Facebook. If they live further away, then maybe it will be more effective for us to expand their reach so that people who are not within easy traveling distance of our store see these promotions as well. Test both radius sizes with different groups of customers in order find out what works best for you!

Do you have an online store? Do you want to promote your most popular products and get in front of a new audience? Then the Catalog Sales ad objective is for you. This will work best if used with an already familiar brand, but it can also help reach out to customers who may not know about what they offer yet.

The Messages objective may be right for your company if you feel that one-on-one contact with customers will help them overcome their buying objections. However, it’s only a good idea to use this goal if you’re ready monitor and respond promptly when people write in. A slow response time can undo any goodwill created by the ad itself. You might want to consider installing chat bots on Facebook Messenger which would send an immediate reply after receiving messages from potential buyers

Visiting your Facebook Ads Manager page will give you additional information and guidance as you create your ad. Remember, the best way to make sure that people know about what it is they’re looking for–and find out more if so desired–is by creating an objective-focused campaign tailored to their needs with a unique design!

Do you have questions that I can help answer? Send me a message and I will try to address it pronto. You can always reach me via my Facebook page

Update: October 9 2021

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